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Family tour

In the mood for some fresh air? Salaberry-de-Valleyfield offers a blast of family activities for a family-friendly outdoor getaway!

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2 days

Day 1

Glissade enfant hiver parc des iles 4

Enjoy a day of winter fun at Parc des Îles de St-Timothée

  • Ice rink, ice ring and sliding hill
  • Warm-up chalet (hot beverages ($), tables and toilets)
  • Snowshoeing and snow scootering (rental $)
  • Fire pit
  • Hiking on small trails
Gauffre belge

Savour a waffle downtown on the go

COMM 2012 Cr achete Deny cardinal Parc sauve Chalet hiver neige nuit

Visit a restaurant and discover Delpha-Sauvé Park on the frozen shores of Baie Saint-François

Magasin cafe daniel st onge

Enjoy a piping hot coffee to cap off the day

Day 2

Bowling 1

Enjoy a friendly game of bowling at Salon de Quilles Valleyfield

Inauguration resto La Demande Generale a Valleyfield burger photo via Sd V

Have a quick dinner at one of the city’s many restaurants

La factrie temple sacre

Try your hand at La Factrie’s new immersive escape game: The Sacred Temple of Pachacamac

COMM 2015 hiver CR Deny Cardinal Marche de Noel Parc Sauve 132

Organize a snowball fight at Delpha-Sauvé Park after going sliding

Neptune credit destination salaberry de valleyfield par marc loiselle small1

Stroll through the illuminated monuments, hot chocolate in hand