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Family Tour

Visitors of all ages will be delighted by this tour itinerary full of playful discovery and sweet treats.

Bring swimsuits, sports shoes and sunscreen to make the most of the family activities offered.

Above all, save room for a surprise snack or delicious meal!

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2 days

Day 1

Parc regional des iles saint timothee plage vue

Day at the beach at Îles-de-St-Timothée Regional Park

  • Snack bar and picnic areas
  • Kayak trip (rental $)
  • Walk on small trails
Ice cream 926426 960 720

Ice cream in the city centre

Neptune credit destination salaberry de valleyfield par marc loiselle small1

Dinner and exploration of Delpha-Sauvé Park in the evening, including the illuminated monuments

Pub cafe la maitresse terrasse

Refreshments on a bar-terrace in the city centre

Day 2

Autoceuillette valleyfield

Visit to the Hubert Sauvé farm to pick seasonal berries

Pexels photo 4016598

Snack stop along the Beauharnois Canal with pastries, candies or a smoothie

Delpha sauve jeux

Playground fun at Delpha-Sauvé Park

7 complexe aquatique parc delpha sauve aerienne

Afternoon at the Delpha-Sauvé Outdoor Aquatic Complex (swimming pool and water play park)


Jeux evasion

Try the immersive escape game ‘Pris au piège’ at La Factrie

COMM 2014 ete CR Deny Cardinal Piscine aerien parc sauve 183

Family exploration of the mountain at Delpha-Sauvé park