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cultural tour

In the mood to take in some culture? Salaberry-de-Valleyfield offers endless entertainment and warm encounter opportunities!

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1 day
COMM 2016 CR Deny Cardinal Hiver vieux canal glace Centre ville Victoria low

Take a walk along the Vieux Canal wharfs and around the frozen Baie St-François, hot beverage in hand

Basilique cathedrale Sainte Cecile de Valleyfield interieur Deny Cardinal2 741x479

Immerse yourself in the history by taking a guided tour of the Cathedral

C est si bon macaron chocolat

Sink your teeth into ‘bites of happiness’ at one of our flavour producers while strolling the retail sector

Muso musee de societe des deux rives expositions

Spend a culture-filled afternoon at the MUSO – Musée de société des Deux-Rives (temporary exhibit)

Boutique daniel st onge web

Go window shopping in downtown Valleyfield to check out all the new products!

Pub cafe la maitresse

Restaurants – see the wide offering in the area

COMM 2019 CR Deny Cardinal Valspec Salle Albert Dumouchel choeur des gondoliers concert de noel

Take in a show at Valspec – see the winter program